Worship changes the worshiper into image of the One Worshipped

Worship changes the worshiper into image of the One Worshipped - 2 Cronicles 20

Our life is very fast.
We wake up early and have neither time to open our eyes that our head starts to work thinking in all things that we need to do in this day: house, kids, work, boss, reach more money, bills …
These things are at our mind 24h/7!
How do I know?
Because when I look to the people I can see in their eyes and face’s expression, fear, anxious discouragement, stress… on other words: they seem what they worship!
NO! You will say me. I worship GOD.
Ok! Then why 3 in 5 words that you say or think these words that I wrote above are involved? Why you shout with your kids and husband/wife?
Why you start things and give up them as fast as you have started?
Why so hard do what you said would do?
BECAUSE we think are worshiping God. We think that sing at church means worship BUT it can be not real!
Worship means believe.
Worship means to obey even that it seems impossible. (2Cronicles 20:17)
The speed that the world runs and its exigencies have taken our time, thought and attention. The human has worshipped the world and its exigencies. They have become faster and without time.
In this run the day to day, whom takes time to stop in the presence of the God to ask AND wait an answer to yours trouble and doubts?
Everybody has hurry!
Everybody wants things to ‘yesterday’ and it is the reason to lots marriage ruined, kids in the drugs and churches full of people and empty of real worshippers.
Our lives and churches, sometimes, have seemed with the world.
We need understand that in the God’s hand is our success. (2Cronicles 20:22)
If, or better, WHEN we understand that our time in the presence of the Lord will does us more successful than hours of work without Him and when we start walk in this path, our lives will become better
PEACE, SECURITY and SUCCESSFUL are things that everyone, in all single place, looking for. Things that can be simple for those who worship Him (2Cronicles 20:20, 20:30)
KEY TO SUCCESS – WORSHIP GOD (2Cronicles 20:22)
Nothing lack for those who do that.
Your answer is not at your own effort only, but is in you worship Him
Change some habits and let me know the result. I pray for you.
Be blessed
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Christopher Grissom disse...

I loved reading this verse. It is a good read, and yes we must slow down and worship God. I love how you started it out with....when we worship God it changes the worshipper. That is sooo true!! :)

Christopher Grissom disse...

lol...I meant to say blog instead of verse. lol....