Funny History

FUNNY HISTORY- as everyone knows, I'm a Brazilian lost between many americans lol - I have tried learn english by my own effort THEN, some times if get VERY FUNNY. have some weeks that i knew a friend with a uncommon name in my country. after a long time of talk, i DISCOVERED that I was talking with a boy, not a girl, as i thought LOL. In my own language we have lots word and is rare when the same word is to man and woman at once. Friend, Pastor, missionary are commons words in my chat, as you know, man and woman to use the same word. In Portuguese (my language) there is one word to say friend when is a men and another to say friend when is a woman. I need to discover how you knows! LOL was funny but now all things are well, we keep talking without mistake - LOL here a website that will help me when I feel lost with all expressin and maybe help you with our talk
luv ya friends
"It would be more funny if don't was tragic - LOL ( ah! LOL make NO SENSE in my language, I have no idea why it means laugh but.... I'm learning hahahahaha ( lol)"
Pati Nanni

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Anônimo disse...


in the beginning of chat it told the other person on line that what they said was so funny it made them L augh O ut L oud. LOL or lol.

Pati Nanni disse...

yes! living and learning! LOL