Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Proverbs 14:1 - Every wise woman builds her house: but the foolish tears it down with their hands.

On the last Sunday, 05/09 in Brazil and much of the world celebrated Mothers' Day! A very special day to honor those who gave us life and gave us the wisdom we have today.
I honor the mothers, God honor them as much that left in their hands the strong and responsible task of raising children and driving them on the right track. Also it is the mothers' responsibility the stability at home. The original plan was the father come with money, name and profession of the children while the mother would be up all education, creating and maintaining harmony in the home. We know that this is not the reality of most homes today. The lack of placement of man to society and to his home has meant that mothers play all these things!
Today the mother works outside and inside of house. Regardless of the century we are living, the fact is, as women are under our responsibility the harmony and the building of the home. Women (I am, so I have knowingly!) Has a great facility to speak (new one! Lol). This facility would generate in the heart of the children love, respect and reverence to God. Would be to generate faith and men/women of character, to the well being of society. UNFORTUNATELY this is not what we see! I see mothers / women destroying their homes with their own hands / mouth. They reclaim all the time. Criticize their children and spouses. Do not give a word of encouragement, but are always ready to say: I knew! I said that would not work! Mothers who did not encourage faith in their homes, they just curse them because they 'not go to church.
With all respect, and I, being a pastor, I'll say something ... By chance it is for the church to resolve the problems? I'm a pastor. LOVE THE CHURCH. I worry EVERY FAILURE OF A MEMBER IN ONE SERVICE. I PRAY FOR THEM. i PREACH THE WORD OF GOD. I DON'T LIKE WHEN SOMEONE DON'T COMES TO THE SERVICE. But I do not see "go to church" as solving the problems! We have three services a week, each with an average time of 50 minutes ministering of the Word.
Three times per week and 50 minutes with the "word of God” you think it is just enough to change your family? NO - We build people with the Word in worship then, upon returning home: harsh critical, demands, murmuring, depression, incredulous words, television soap opera are the things that take all the time, what fill the days, and you do not go blaming the church for the problems. Beloved reader - The wise woman builds her house. It's in the house that forms the best Christians, the church build and maintain them! Go to church, but continue to worship in their home. Unfortunately many women with their own attitudes have destroyed their homes.
We have a God who can change any situation, but are you the woman 'quarry' of your home. Build your house with wise words, ORGANIZATION OF THE HOUSE, FOOD WELL DONE AND, SET THE TABLE WITH LOVE AND ZEAL IN DETAIL, they cannot say BUT, for sure, will notice the difference! Give good WORDS TO your CHILDREN, PRAISE SMALL THINGS, create in them a safe personality. Children/youth/adults that are heavily criticized they have a tendency to become unsafe and are bad professionals, parents and so on. PRAY TO YOUR FAMILY WITHOUT STOPPING and never lose hope. Be of good cheer.

Be of good cheer. You are loved by God. He trusts you.
Ps: Sorry some English mistakes, I'm learning. I hope these word and your faith can change things at your home. blessings

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Hi Pati,
Beautiful post! Hope all is well with you.