camp vacation 2009


Of days 20 to 22, Julho/2209 were doing our second camp Vacation! Thanks God it was a wonderful time where we learn more of God, sanctify our lives and share about the love of the Lord. In all the time be clean your clothes, and never miss the oil on your head. ECL 9:8 - This was the basic text for whole camp. As Christians we can not comply with the good, much less with "being better than most! We need to be totally saints if we want to find salvation of the Lord. Without sanctification nobody will see the Lord! (Heb 12:14) We easily forget an important piece of the Word of God! It is important to remember ... Good work, social activities, frequency of worship and reading the Bible make paste of the life of every Christian, but we can never forget that salvation is the sanctification given by God through the cross of Jesus! We remembered to run to cross, confess ours sins and change of attitude. James 1:22-28 says that the abiding and not hearers of the Word will be saved. Yeah, after three days of services the morning and late evening, we were reminded that we will not leave this holy retreat UNLESS there is repentance in our hearts and in our actions TRANSFORMATION! Young people were reminded to sanctify everything they hear on your mp3 and mp4. were reminded that orkut (facebook) and all kind of Internet access has to be holy as they are in church, or indecent photos and comments have to be torn. Be holy in all body, soul and spirit (I Ts 5:23) That means that the hands, mind and mouth should not touch something that Jesus does not play! It was a time of many words and exhortation, and by the grace of God, we had the anointing of the Spirit that led us to have regrets and reconciliations. All time is Jesus praises! We hope you enjoy the pictures and is free to comment and share, too, until our next event .. Blessings, Community Connection See photos - click here