My own Psalm to you God


Oh My God, in whom there is no confusion.
When the voices of the world rise, and, one  try to succumb me
His peace and sweet voice invades my heart
Few and accurate, the words from His Spirit
It invade my being and everything stops,
I come back to see, come back to rest ...
The confusion is gone.
I am taken by a peace untranslatable in words
All I know is that I'm safe.
Although the earth is moving and the troubled world
I know I can rest in Thee.
You Lord, my God, are always a safe place ...
No shocks;
No changes;
Safer than any place on earth I had ever seen;
More reliable than reliable!
That is You, Lord, my God and my Lord.
The right answer in time of calamity.
  The anchor, which always supports me when the unexpected wild sea trying to sink me.
The Lord always ...
Always keeps me
I always drive
Never left me and never will.
In the Lord I will always wait
In you, my safe place, where I trust.
Pati Nanni

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