it's realy

LONDON-Many British consumers would accept the implantation of microchips in their bodies to avoid using credit cards or cash on their purchases, according to a survey of the British Institute for the Study of Food Sector (IGD).
One in twenty adults are willing to say to use a microchip in his body to pay for their purchases and help prevent fraud with credit cards, according to the poll. Among adolescents, the proportion increases to one out of ten teenagers.
A scanner would read the chip, connecting it immediately with the data bank and to pay the customer.
Today according to the newspaper "The Times", the technology is currently used to control animals such as horses, dogs and cats. The retail market could also think of other payment methods such as fingerprints and iris recognition techniques.
The British newspaper also informs that the only known case of payment with microchips implanted in the human body is the VIP area of a club of Barcelona. They receive a microchip injected into the arm and allowing access to some areas, and used to pay for consumption.
According to the analyst's market IGD, Geraldine Padbury, although many consumers may fear for their privacy, the adolescents, who constitute the next generation of buyers will have no prejudice against the chips.

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