hacker in twitter...again!

Hacker who broke into the Twitter wins job back and to attack After infecting at least 190 accounts in four invasions of Twitter to the site just over a week, the hacker Mikeyy Mooney, 17, was hired by a company for developing applications for the web to work as a security consultant. Shortly after accepting the job, according to CNet News website, the teenager attacked once again the site of microblogs. "Adolescent and worm attacks creates accounts Twitter 'Hacker, 19 years is hired to give security tips On days 11 and 12 April, in Twitter Mikeyy spread a worm created by him and later took over the authorship of four invasions. The young American has claimed three innocent reasons for the attacks: pure boredom, aim to promote your Twitter name and tell about their security holes, according to CNet. The hacker claimed to have tried to contact the site beforehand to warn about the vulnerability but, was unsuccessful, decided to use the worm to get their attention. Travis Rowland, director of exqSoft Solutions, which develops applications for the web, was impressed with the skills of the hacker and offered him a place of safety as a consultant and developer in the company, told the site Abcnews. Mikeyy had accepted the job when they fired a new worm in Twitter. The infected insect USA accounts to send messages without the consent of users, with comments on celebrities and also on the new job of Mikeyy. The teenager once again justified the invasion. "I just wanted them to know that my goal was not irritate them. It is likely that this is not the best way, but the only way I found to achieve them and now they will fix the problem," he said in a Mikeyy interview with CNet. Rowland told Abcnews who believes in the good intentions of the hacker and made a request on its own account on Twitter Mikeyy not to prosecute, arguing that the couple did a favor to the site. "He still needs to mature a lot, but it is a good boy and loves what it does," he said. "I can take you the right path."

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