Taking decision

Think in a hard decision that you already taken 
What was the Best?
What was worse?
What have you learned about?
Although, as humans we are gifted capacity of take decision, in practice is another thing. Some times take decision implies in nuisances and risks.
When decision is good done, the reward brings realization and satisfaction, unlike is a sliding  in dissatisfaction, blame, trauma and distress that around our being.
a mature christian decision,  takes some conditions:

1 - Disposition to renounce
 To wish something, means give up of other things. Sleep means give up of keep awake and enjoy a time with someone else like get marriage means give up of the single life where we can go wherever we want an any time. To decide for something means give up to a reality that can seem good and pleasant.
All decision implies in gains and losses.
Unfortunately, our society and communication ways have created a happiness conceit where happy is who doesn't repress yourself.  this myth induces a belief that mature people never renounces, don't respect rule or restrictions and do everything that feel. They say: Be yourself like you are, follow yours feelings
Bible shows several times man being challenged to take decisions and it shows us that in our life chose is a important part. We can't do all that come upon our mind. In a christian saying: Renounces means how much we take God to heart!

2 - Vision of a preference:
To choose means opt to something in middle to other options. Renounces is the answer that we believe in the superiority  of the choose.
Choose has to be taken by preference, not by exclusions, it need be " I want to obey, not I can't sin".
When we did a choose, don't means that what was left will disappear. Choose just means what  are my values, and where they have been taken what will means where we are going.
Choose don't means to repress or ignore  the left option.  To choose is to assess, and rationally delete or become ineffective the feeling, wills and things of another decision.

3 -   Be Aware that the future will be affected by your decision
If people thinking before, would be free from lots  tragic events that come from impulsive or stubborn  decisions like
use of the drugs
yoked with unbelievers 
buy what can't
sex out of marriage
marriage without know well one another
Luck 14:28-30 - Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’
So take breath, count until 10 and don't be impulsive!

4 – The last Word have to be of the Holy Spirit
Consult all of your faculties ( memory, ability , ratiocination) but let the last word comes from God. Never trust in you alone.
Just the Holy Spirit can guide us in the right way for He knows everything, He can potentiate the natural, and we will be able to see, do and understand what no one can.

Some benefices of the good decision
> ability of perseverance
> ability to renounce the immediate satisfaction of the necessities
> most ability to support tense situations until reach your goal
> ability to do hard tasks
> we become, changes agent   of the world
> we have no emotion like only criterion

The bad decisions:
> always require security and decreased risk
> are emotional
> minimum cost, and require lot gain

Well, after these things we just need think a little and take the right way, even that it have some cost, it will produces good fruit.

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