Top 10 Predictions for 2011

WEll, after a long time I'm here again. I know that in these time of the year, to be exact  some weeks ago people did lots of promises in the presence of the Lord. Another done lots mystical thing to brings peace, happiness and money! lol We know that it is real.
Humans were created to live in the past, present or future?
YES, in the present,  but some people spent so much time remembering the past and trying to predict the future that  PRESENT this is not actually lived!.
2011, 2012, 2013 etc... in all these, always will be lots of people feeding fake hope before a change of the calendar BUT there are just one thing that can help everybody in anyway.. Is the Word of God. It never changes and n all the time there is just ONE way to be blessed, peaceful happy and prosperous... To accept Jesus as your ONE Savior and Lord.
Now, choose one thing to believe and be sure that He is better than lots of another thing that exist in these world. God is fully able to maintain you and all of your needs. Just believe and give your life to HIM.
For those who yet need know what will happen in the future because fear the way your life is going, I will say:

Top 10 Predictions for 2011           
1. The Bible will still have all the answers!!

2. Prayer will still be the most powerful thing on Earth
3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
4. God will still honor the praises of His people.
5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.
6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
8. There will still be room at the Cross.
9. Jesus will still love you.
10. Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him

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OceanDreams disse...

these are perfect predictions, i especially like the one that said that God will always love us! so glad i came across your blog, have an amazing weekend!

Toyin O. disse...

Love your predictions, so glad Jesus found me:)