What God have you served

What defines you?
Do you feel lost, without your riches?
Does your temper change, in according with you outside appearance?
Would you feel lost without have what you have ( riches , status)?
Would you be able to give up something that you reached, just for work with needy or in a situation that are rejected by society?

Look to whom rejected transform rock in bread!

It is sad, but, people have been built 'what they are' over 'what they have'! They have defined the ‘inside life’ to what have behind their names: Doctor ‘X’, Function ‘Y’ or appearance ‘N’ .
They have changed the eternal reward, like a good character, clean conscience, love and compassion for “at all cost”
People are selling their soul by 30 minutes of fame and applause.
Oh God, big shortage!!!
The human have been so insecure about himself that, for 5 minutes of fame, sell a full good life.
Few are those who are securer about himself , that are able to change their 'status' to help needy or ill people who will not be able to return nothing that you have done!
Some people have tried, at all cost, stay yourself and to prove that are “someone” but, the God that I serve, says:
Whoever wants to save your live, will lose that – Luke 9:24

The God that I serve, says:
Whoever helps a needy, doesn’t let your right hand knows what the left hand does. Matthew 6:3

The God that I serve says:
Pray alone, don’t to be seen for all and your unseen God will reward you. Matthew 6:6

And the God that I serve says:
While people rejected their appearances, stile life, love for needy, patience and resignation, while they were chained, stoned and sawed in two…..
My God said
“Men whom the world was not worth" Hebrew 11:35-40
My God has taught me to be simple.
Just think
What God have you served?
Matthew 6:6-24

                 Pati Nanni

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