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Daniel 2 - I am what I am and nothing can change
Daniel and his friends were slaves BUT, their heart belonged to God.
They had their dreams and plans interrupted by the sudden taken of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.
Daniel and his friends were children of nobles and became eunuch slaves of a cruel and mundane king (check out in full in Daniel 1 and II Kings 20:18).
The most striking fact here, left in the Bible by God, is that neither such adversity nor external pressure might take away from their hearts what they were - righteous, known the God who creates them. Integrity is not by how much money you have. Daniel and his friends served God with uprightness of heart and integrity within it, nobody can take it away. The point is that while external pressures and struggles are what guide our steps and prayers, they are still in first place in our lives and moving us more than the Word and God's will. This creates unhappiness and frustration and that kind of life is not what God wants for us. We need to have an upright heart and that wants to know the will of God in all situations that we face, remembering that what God sees is the heart. I think our next prayer should be: God changes my heart.
As if all these problems, the mad king still wants the revelation of a dream that not even remember what it is, can it! (Daniel 2:5, 10.11 / / Matthew 19:26). And as there is no one who can resolve this, the king should kill all the wise men that in his view, are useless. (Daniel 2:13). After this decree, we note once again why God has left the life story of this man in the Bible. Daniel did not cry, do not complain, do not grumble and ask why God is doing this to him. Daniel pray. He acts with faith, because he believes that God is bigger than any decree and word of the person, any person.
Many can speaks a lot of things will happen but only what God says, His is the last word! Always remember that.
The problem is that we hear all the voices: the television as unemployment, violence, poverty and evil grows without limit; heard saying that the unbelievers will not change, that misfortune is released and can no longer do anything! We heard several voices in vain, when we should pay attention to the voice of God.
Daniel heard the voice of the world, in the case, a decree of the death from the king BUT he went to friends to help in prayer. Who do you seek when you hear bad news? Proverbs 24:6 for waging war you need guidance, and for victory many advisers. Seek advice from people of faith and pray, because nothing is impossible with God.
I end this message with that advice. Listen to God in the whatever situation, he has the best ever, and the best answer comes from Him. Believe it. Daniel told the dream for the king and gave his interpretation, thus gaining confidence of the king and a place of honor! God has a place of honor for you. Ask Him where you are and where you have to go.
God bless.

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