A question that was upped by my friend Darlene made me think and write about this subject: JUDGE

In John 8:3-11 when we see a group of people whom needed forgive and teach the right way to people, doing exactly the opposite : they just judged and condemned her. So, Jesus come and say, I forgive you, go free!
Is sad that our churches, in this century, teach lots about God’s law. Talk so much about new doctrines and is unable to open their arms and embrace ‘the lost’.
What are we doing?
We lost among so many doctrines and class and in seeking of ‘new teachers’ that forgot the essence of Gospel: ‘save the lost’.
We learn, talk, write but forgot what we need to do >>> LOVE one another. We are learning how be part of a church when the God’s will is that we learned how to be a Christian, >>show to the world WHO He is.
One of more beautiful teaching that I can see in the Deuteronomy book is: Israel, never forget from where you came from!!
Wow, amazing. If we did the same, we would be great creatures.
After we know Jesus, we are free from all sin (everybody sinned a day Romans 3:23). The real peace full our heart and we quickly forget who we were. Good side: Devil cannot accuse us. Bad side: some people become intolerants. They forget that were as sinner than anybody and , IF today is free and worth to heaven all this things is JUST by Jesus and His great cross, where all of us had and have pardon of our sins.
But you can tell me. What it have with judge. Well, if we consider who we were and who Jesus made us, we never would judge anyone. If people are ugly, poor, ex prostitute or whatever bad thing you can think, we never would judge them. We just would think: a day I was as sinner than she/he.
We have an habit of think about sin as killer, prostitute, thief and we forget that God say that sin is do unlike His law. I like Revelation 21:8 when say: the murderers and all liars go to the same place! Wow, so God put in the same line the murderer and the liar. It means that if I never take away the life of no one but I lie some day, will I to the same place that a murderer?! Yes.
If the liar never gives their life to Jesus and repentance of their sin, and the murderer yes that, he (murderer after repentance) go to heaven and the liar that not repentance don't go .
People that judge another forgot whom they were before know Jesus. They forgot that ALL sin have a great forgiveness in the cross and forgot that we were put in this world to show for people the right way to heaven and not do put them out of that.
John 3:17 For God sent NOT the Son into the world to judge the world; but that the world should be saved through him.
Then, we need do the same!
All things therefore whatsoever you would that men should do unto you, even so do you also unto them – Matthew7:12
We have so much to do: teach the lost the right way, love one another, do well to all people… we have no time do judge no one.
If each of us think that the world would be a better place to live if we do our part, we would have no time do judge or gossip about another.
Be you the change that you wanna to the world

This movie talk about that, worth to watch

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