Solid bases

We had a good service tonight. I talked about 3 bases to be a real Christian, at once that it means not go to church BUT yes, life like such!

Here just a trial >>>

1- Have Jesus as ONE Lord and salvation (2Timothy 2:5) so many people believe in Jesus *and* in lots things! They think “ if it doesn’t be good, bad won't”! how deceived they are. If we believe in Jesus and in another thing, we can be all things except Christian because real believers never accept anything that is showed as good as Jesus!

2- Have a transformed life. People around us need to see in our acts that we are new creatures! No more lie, no more be angry about all and with all. No more believe today and give up tomorrow. AS real Christians, we have to be firm in one way and keep growing in Him. We need to have a transformed character! In these days some friend said me:” I have a friend, he is a good guy, and a believer that goes to church since was a teenager *But* he is a liar!” Yes! You can image my face. I answered: “ok, he until can be a good guy, goes to the church and whatever *but* he is not a Christian! NO because is unacceptable a Christian be liar if bible says that “devil is the lie’s father (John 8:44)” and a Christian MEANS a son of God that never can lie (Titus 1:2)! Lots people think that go to the church, sing gospel songs and talk about bible can make someone a Christian and go to heaven! Oh, such lie it is. Be Christian mean live what bible says, means give up sin, bad things at TV, bad desires, thought and talks and it is a constant in our lives.

Here go some things that can block your growing as Christian:

A – A hard heart – is someone who LISTEN the word but always think that things are not like that! They hear but don’t allows the Word from God go to their hearts and to produce the very resulted
B – A emotional heart – yes, is someone who be emotional when hear the Word, agree with it, but when go out, come back to do all the same as before. People that are moved by circumstances and their hearts. Remember what says Jeremiah in Jeremiah 17:9 - heart is deceitful. I we know people that live by heart!
Someone like that, is indifferent and is able to hear and never feel or see the truth. Like here when Philip said to Jesus show them God when Jesus had said: who see me, see God! John14:6-10
C – And divided heart - is some who likes the word of God BUT like all that is secularly too. People like that accept the Word like all that everybody says like been the same thing.
D- Do not accept correction. Hebrew 12:5-10 – I KNOW how hard is get a correction and I know that lots people that says be Christian thinks be right all the time and never accept when correct them. We need to remember that God correct Your sons! Do not accept a correction can take you away from Him ways! Think about.

These things just do with you never become a real Christian and never feel what really means: I came to give you abundantly life - John 10:10. They until go to church but can't feel the real love from God, for this, many people give up your faith! We need give up these things above, that do us far from Jesus

2- Word! As Christians we need know that read and study bible is not a chose or a thing to Sunday Morning. Read the bible means hear and TO OBEY the voice of God, the ONE to have peace and real joy. Psalm 119:50-60 Joshua 1:8. I know that we learn the bible, what we need to know now is TO OBEY it and all things will be fine.
It is just a brief but we need to think that the Christianity is built over solid bases. Examine these 3 bases written above and see if your life is like a real Christian or you are just some one that goes to church!
The heaven is real and have a holy life washed for the Jesus’ blood is the one way to reach it!
lots of love in Him
Pati Nanni

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Darlene disse...


Love the blog about the 3 bases. But I have a question about the Emotional Heart. Jeremiah 17:9 says the human heart is the most deceitful of all things. Our heart is why we sin. But we can still choose whether or not to continue in sin. We can resist temptation by asking God for help. My question to you is do an "emotional reader" have to have an "emotional heart"? Do you have to feel with your heart to feel the words of the Bible as you read them? Or is it the Holy Spirit helping you be the "emotional reader"?In addition, an emotional reader can also "feel" the words when spoken by others, such as during church services, worshiping, etc. I would love to get your thoughts about "emotional readers".

Pati Nanni disse...

Emotion is something made by God and it help us in this world. The problem is that some people live, trust and take decision by that. Some people think that 'God talked with me' just when they feel and it IS NOT REAL. God talks with us all the time through bible, preaching, time,, people, nature, circumstances and IT HAPPEN IF WE FEEL OR NOT, something. I always fear the 'emotional reader and heart', what to me, is the same, because these people can is be deceived so easy. They always wait feel things and can lose what God give through what is reasonable. like is Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. I believe that emotion is good but, as faith, we need live over it, faith and life not depend what we feel but depend what we believe and do.
I agree that we can fell when God speaks with us and fell how is the pain of the heart’s God about the sin of humanity. I just talk in this post about people that are moved by feeling and not by faith. Felling is a good thing made by God, what we never can agree is when felling move us.
Something more? Let me now!
thank you for commentary – blessings