NEWS - What they talk about you?!!

I have heard of thee, that the spirit of the gods is in thee, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom are found in thee...But I have heard of thee, that thou canst give interpretations, and dissolve doubts; now if thou canst read the writing, and make known to me the interpretation thereof, thou shalt be clothed with purple, and have a chain of gold about thy neck, and shalt be the third ruler in the kingdom. Daniel 5:14,16

Once someone told me: Listen to the people around you. Hear what they thinking and talk of you, most times is exactly what you are and not want it. We speak about ourselves. Raise our forces and try to minimize the maximum of our weaknesses. The fact is - we are who we are and not always gives deny! It is important to us as children of God, understand that we live in this earth to give glory to the name of Jesus. Perhaps you can tell me: but I'm not a preacher , or I have not called, or some else lot excuses, but ... To give glory to God, we do not have to be large employers, leaders of crowds or magnificent singers. Glory to Jesus when we act with our faith. When the integrity of our character, our attitudes shout to the world that do not accept it to be what they want that we do. Each time you reject the lies, the adultery, the falsehood and selfishness, we give the opportunity for people speak about us as children of God and thus give glory to God where we are at home, at work in school, on the street. ..... where we are, we are the Lord! then.. waht the people have spoken about you?

Look therefore carefully how ye walk, not as unwise, but as wise; Ephesians 5:15
.........................................................................................Pastor Patricia Nanni

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