How much cost the life

Make a list of great friends
Who else have you saw ten years ago
How many do you still see every day
How many you have not found more ...
Make a list of dreams that had
How much have you given up on dreaming!
How many vows of love forever
How you managed to preserve ...
Where you still recognize
In the last picture or mirror from now?
Today is the way it thought it would be
How many friends you threw away?
How many mysteries that you probed
How could you understand?
How many secrets that you kept
Today they are fools nobody cares?
How many lies do you condemn?
How many did you have to commit?
How many defects remedied with time
They were the best there was in you?
How many songs you did not sing
Today whistles to survive?
How many people you loved
Now believe they love you?
Ecclesiastes is a great book to do us thinks about life! Everybody will have good and bad days. Easy and hard time... we will to love and hate sometimes! As Christian we never can deny that bad days always insist in knock at our doors. Sometimes live is a hard thing. Yes, we are Christian but we stay humans living in a world full of sin and injustice and, early or later these things will touch us. God is good and I know that He will to use until hard things, to do good to us, as bible says "all things are working together for good to those who have love for God".
Well, what can I say?
First: Read the Ecclesiastes’ book
Second: Do what is good and never allow this world gets dirty your character, because: All has been said. Have fear of God and keep his laws; because this is right for every man. God will be judge of every work, with every secret thing, good or evil. (Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14). There are lots things that can touch you and do bad to you BUT remember...your soul nothing can touch, it is yours... care of its!

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