Lovers of themselves?


Why twitter has became the most popular tool of communication in this 21st century? If I can call it of “tool of communication”….
this stuff is almost a monolog! Look >>>
1 -
Goal => have a lot followers – even that they say a lot fool thing! What matter is the “impression” to be popular, even that almost all of them neither know about your existence! Tool to incentive the self-deceive! Few people indeed read what you write!  Everybody has the same goal >  to have people who follow and read what they write! Believe, no one are on twitter to read but yes, to be read!
2 –
Twitter is this,  you read just what you want and some programs, helps you to use twitter without the only place where you need read more than  your owns tweet,the site (it if you wanna be read too,  so, in the end, the selfish intention keeps there!) These tool just grown because everyman yet is “lover of yourself”
Of course, the tendency of twitter – to grow more and more! Why?
>>       I speak more and more
>>       I don’t need give attention to anybody
>>       I show all that have inside me, good or not ( the most part) and no one will ‘unfollow’ me why? They love me? NOOOO, they just don’t want lose its own follow, so, focus in yourselves, again!
•          Relationships
•          Warm
•          Attention
•          Love
•          Help
•          Compassion
Try send one of these words, maybe you reach one ‘unfollow’! no one wanna know it!
Then, the days are going and the months also! In this illusion of *fame* . In this fantasious world where we have the impression to be loved! Self deceive, how someone can get what never gave?!
And, in real life? The real friends are very few! And you almost don’t feel lack this!
Well, I use twitter. I have seen some good tweets about, Jesus, good word and prayer request!
Sometimes I try take a chat ( ingénue, I know), I get just “ see my site” look my pic or hey... can  you follow me?! Sad if not was comic!
I have discovered in this twitter world that, day by day , when they said me HI it don’t means that are a interest in me, just in a number of follower that I can be!

there are good people there. Those indeed wanna know people and say good things to another, I know. I'm just saying about this century and its nonsense.

The bible reality has became so far !
No! no one know it ! The egocentrism, love of yourself, self-worship has blinded the humanity day by day, so far from the TRUTH 

Look at me!
The Only way to Salvation is take out our eyes from ourselves and look upon Jesus.
The 21st century is doing lookers of yourselves.
Don’t allow it in your life.
Look to Jesus and be save, be strong and happy!

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Debora disse...

Ola querida a paz, vim conferir as novidades e te convidar para conhecer o meu novo blog.
Bjusss e bom final de semana.

Anônimo disse...

Great blog as for me. I'd like to read a bit more about that topic.
By the way look at the design I've made myself Female escorts

Anônimo disse...

It is certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

mikelle disse...

Olá querida.
Você é um amigo doce para mim.
Você é sempre bem-vindos.
Falo um pouco de Inglês e alguns Português.
Quer trocar links?

mikelle disse...

Thank you for your visit dear friend, have a nice Tuesday :)Unadjusted twiter, we can email,
afternoon, when I come home from work, after 16h

godamongus disse...

God bless you; and, keep up the great work and writing! Please check out my blog-site because I want to hear your opinion about my latest Topic #13-"They would not have crucified the Lord of glory." Be sure to read all the preceding topics, as well, in order to gain the complete picture.

Anônimo disse...

Hello Pat ... Grace and peace be with you!
I would like to tell you I miss you ...!!
But that is irrelevant, the important thing is to see that you are a faithful and beloved servant of Jesus ... congratulations ...
Well I also wanted to say, soon I'm going back to europe ... but the blog activity will continue as normal.
And once I get in there you'll be mailing address and phone, and all forms of possible contacts ...
Pat you are a blessing and I am very happy to have met you on the path of faith ... God bless you more and more ...
grace and peace be in your path and family ...!!!

Rosana Ibanez disse...

Olá! Adorei o seu blog e já estou te seguindo, ok?
Obrigada pela visitas e fique em paz!
Beijos no coração

Natalino disse...

Olá! Vim fazer uma visitinha e deixar um comentário.

Uma ótima semana!
Deus te abençoe!!